Server Disturbance


Dear author, We would like to announce that, unfortunately, Border: Jurnal Arsitektur had just encountered a problem on our main server, which impacted all of our journal databases. This occurrence causes all submitted manuscripts and published articles deleted from our OJS. Nevertheless, we are currently reuploading all of our published articles, which were expected to be republished before December 2023. However, unfortunately, we are unable to recover all manuscripts that were submitted before 1 June 2023. Therefore, we highly encourage all authors who submitted the manuscript before 1 June 2023 to resubmit the manuscript and notify our editor. Nevertheless, should you submitted your manuscript after June 2023, rest assured that we have received your manuscript and currently under review. 

We will try our best to recover all past published articles and process all delayed editorial processes as soon as possible.

Thank you for trusting Border: Jurnal Arsitektur with your manuscript and We deeply apologise for the inconvenience.

Adibah Nurul Yunisya
Chief Editor Border: Journal Arsitektur